Parents of high school American player who was ambushed and beaten sue for $ 50 million from classmates

The police managed to capture three young men from Texas who beat a teammate on the football team.

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After her son was beaten after an alleged ambush, The parents of a young high school soccer player in Texas have filed a lawsuit seeking more than $ 50 million in reparation of the damage to colleagues and parents.

The attack occurred at a party on Friday, December 3 around 11:30 pm, in a house located in Cherrywood Court.

Ayden Holland, 18, and Logan Huber, 17, allegedly pulled 16-year-old Cole Hagan from the party, while 17-year-old Reid Mitchell ambushed him, the authorities said.

Hagan would have left after being told that someone had damaged his vehicle, indicates the civil complaint of December 23.

Authorities have indicated that Mitchell punched Hagan in the faceHe hit him on the concrete floor and elbowed him hard three or four times.

According to the complaint, the young man suffered serious bodily injuries, including traumatic head injuries, and had to go to ICU.

The attack was planned

After leaving intensive care, the adolescent prolonged rehabilitation has begun, which includes extensive physical and speech therapy.

“Additionally, Cole Hagan has missed and continues to miss his junior year in high school and as a high school athlete, he has also missed games and will probably not be able to play sports in either high school or college in the future. Soccer has been Cole Hagan’s passion for many years”, It is detailed.

For their part, authorities have indicated that there was hostility regarding “the perceived behavior of the victim towards some of his acquaintances.”

It is not clear what this behavior was supposed to beBut the child’s parents have said that those claims by Mitchell, Holland and Huber were false and defamatory.

According to the plaintiffs, other students knew about the planned attack but did not stop it, one of them even sent photos of Cole Hagan to Mitchell to “start” the plot.

The complaint indicates that Huber, Holland and others were part of the scheme and invited Hagan to the party knowing that Mitchell planned to attack him.

Speaking to Insider, Huber’s attorney, Scott Brown, claimed that the 17-year-old was manipulated.

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