Philadelphia family loses 10 members after fire: “My sisters and nephews are gone”

The fire that consumed a home in Philadelphia ended in tragedy for a family that suddenly lost 10 members; three sisters and seven nephews.

In an interview with the AFP agency, Jacuita and Qaadira Purifoy said they were “devastated” by the incident, which has been considered by thousands as one of the greatest tragedies in Philadelphia history.

“Come on sister, stop crying”, were the words that Jacuita, 37, gave to her younger sister Qaadira, 33, who would not stop crying in front of the Bache Martin basic education school, located near the three-story house that was consumed by flames, for reasons still unknown, where not only the relatives of the victims met, but also neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

“My sisters and nephews and nieces are gone, they are dead. They will not return ”, Jacuita told the aforementioned agency.

Once the fire was controlled, little by little people in honor of the victims began to arrive at the burned brick building with roses, candles and some stuffed animals.

It is unknown what caused the fire

The same 33-year-old woman said that so far they do not know what caused the voracious fire: “We don’t know what happened. We are trying to imagine it… ”, he also said that a five-year-old nephew, who is hospitalized, is the only survivor of the family who lived in the three-story house that was divided into apartments.

He asks about his mom, about his dad, about his sisters, about his cousins. Ask about everyone he has lived with for the past five years, ”said Qaadira.

The loss of 10 members of the Purifoy family adds to the recent death of the family patriarch, which according to Qaadira made the family come together more: “We were together, we were a family.”

According to the deputy commissioner of firefighters, Craig Murphy, indicated that at the moment there are 13 deceased, he also pointed out that, 26 people lived in the building, owned by the city’s Housing Department and 8 made it out of the flames.

I have no words to write what we feel as a community and as a department. This is one of the worst fires, ”Murphy said.

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