Rafa Nadal feels sorry for Djokovic’s situation and left his message: “The world has suffered enough, you have to get vaccinated”

The Australian Open is about to start and with this tournament the first controversy of the year began: an entry ban for Novak Djokovic due to the breach of some biosafety regulations with respect to the global pandemic due to COVID-19. Reef Nadal He put himself in the place of the Serbian, but did not absolve him of guilt.

Nadal, who comes from overcoming the contagion by the COVID-19 virus, ignited the controversy for his words in the case of Djokovic.

“If I wanted to (Djokovic), I would be playing without problems in Australia”Nadal assured, and insisted: “He has made his own decisions and everyone is free to make their own decisions, but then there are consequences.”

He knew the conditions for months, so he made his own decision

Reef Nadal

The Serbian tennis player is number 1 in the world and came to Melbourne with the aim of becoming the tennis player with the most Grand Slam tournaments in his record. Right now he is tied with Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer with 20 titles each.

“He knew the conditions for months, so he made his own decision.”Nadal added. “It’s normal for people here to get frustrated. They have passed very hard confinements, people could not travel from one state to another ”, about the current situation that ‘Nole’ is experiencing and that he must resolve in order to play the tournament.

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