Raphy Pina: they reveal photos of the “hidden room” where he kept his weapons illegally

They reveal what was in a “hidden room” in Raphy Pina’s house in Puerto Rico.

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The private life of Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves, better known as Raphy Pina, is in the eye of the hurricane, because could go to prison for up to 20 years after being found guilty on the weapons possession charge.

While Raphy waits until April of this year to receive her final sentence, she is under house arrest alongside her partner, Natti Natasha, and her family, yet at the same time. Images are already circulating of what was inside a “hidden room” in his property located in Caguas Real, Puerto Rico.

These photographs show that he had a safe full of dollars along with a significant quantity of pistols and rifle ammunition.

As it became known, the snapshots are part of the case file against Pina, since they were in a Power Point presentation that the Prosecutor’s Office allegedly disclosed “at the request of the defense of the music producer with the purpose that the presentation be added to the final arguments of the case file.”

The businessman has an appointment with the federal judge in the case, Francisco Besosa, next April 1 to be sentenced.

The president of the record label Pina Records is currently free on bail pending his conviction, but is kept under surveillance by means of an electronic shackle.

Since April 1, 2020, Natti Natasha’s partner has faced a complex judicial situation when FBI officials found in their residence in Caguas Real, Puerto Rico, a Glock-type 9-millimeter pistol modified to fire automatically, a pistol Smith & Wesson 40 caliber and a total of 526 ammunition of various calibers.

What was classified as illegal possession of weapons and cost the producer a series of subpoenas to the court that began on December 13.

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