Rosie and Juan Rivera’s children are attacked. Johnny López supports and defends them

Johnny López may be the youngest of Jenni Rivera’s children, But he’s trying to be mature and right in the middle of the family scandal he’s going through. Which for many is a reflection of the good upbringing that he has received at the hands of his older sister, Chiquis Rivera.

The family separation that has been triggered with Rosie and Juan Rivera it has ended up affecting their children. Since the public, which this time has decided to believe Chiquis, is lashing them with offenses as harsh as they are ugly on social networks. And, despite the fact that Johnny López is the youngest of Jenni’s children, he has proven to be noble and of good feelings. He acknowledges that the family problems are with his uncles, due to the inheritance that his deceased mother left them, but admits that this has nothing to do with his cousins, for whom he asks for respect.

Johnny made use of his Twitter account to speak with his fans and convey this message on behalf of himself and the rest of his siblings. His words were in English, but in Spanish they would read as follows:

“On behalf of my brothers and I, I want to ask all the fans who have attacked any of my cousins, to please stop and leave them out of this. The problems are with Rosie and Juan. Their children do not deserve to be affected by all this, with this collateral damage, and this was never our intention ”.

In a second tweet he added: “We never had reason to think that any of our cousins ​​had taken any advantage, or that they had made use of it in any way, the money that belongs to us ”.

Jhonny in the midst of all this crisis has taken up a publication of Jenni Rivera, his mother, on Twitter. Long before she died, the singer said this on the little bird’s network: “So you don’t suffer later … get ready … the biggest disappointments will come from the people you love the most“. And it is that everyone knows that the interpreter’s relationship with her family was never entirely good.

Chiquis Rivera herself He alluded to this in the controversial video he posted on Instagram a few hours ago. More than a million reproductions already has this post by Jenni Rivera’s firstborn. Where he spoke, according to his words, with total transparency, exposing the facts as they happened.

In this video Chiquis also explained that she has nothing to do economically with the inheritance of her brothers, since, as everyone knows, she is not part of the will. But this allows him to speak for Mickey, Jacqie, Jenicka and Johnny. Chiquis even admits that this is why she has never stopped working, making her music and even the surname Rivera has been removed from the networks, to show both herself and the world how far she wants to be from her relatives.

Chiquis in the video has clearly asked his followers that before issuing an opinion judgment they try to find out everything that is happening, that they have the complete picture before pointing out the culprits. She is totally clear that neither she nor her brothers have done something wrong, which is why they should not pay anything, nor ask anyone for forgiveness.

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