Some leaders and henchmen of the MS13 captured in El Salvador

The “mara” pleaded guilty last May.

Photo: Yuri Cortez / AFP/Getty Images

This Wednesday afternoon, the El Salvador police captured the leaders of the MS13 identified as Ricardo Ernesto Portillo, alias Skiny, and Gerardo Antonio Girón Álvarez, alias Delincuente.

Among those captured were also José Daniel Viches, alias Patron, a corridor of the MS, in Lourdes, Colón, La Libertad, along with other gang members.

According to what is detailed by the Salvadoran authorities, the criminals have ordered the death of at least 60 people in the streets of the country.

They were arrested in the early morning hours by means of a special operation in the Italy District of Tonacatepeque.

“It is noteworthy that it was in this same sector where on November 11 more than $ 49,000 dollars was seized in a funeral home of the MS13,” the authorities recalled through the social network Twitter.

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