Surveillance camera captured the moment when a Florida man tried to choke a woman at a bus stop with a shoelace

Quiñones faces an attempted murder charge.

Photo: Miami-Dade Police Department / Courtesy


Security camera footage shows the moment a man in Florida tried to choke a woman waiting for a bus with a shoelace before striking her.

The suspect, identified as Aaron K. Quinones, 27, faces attempted murder charges for the attack on a public bus stop in broad daylight.

The Miami Police Department detailed that the incident was reported on January 2At around 11 am, while the 26-year-old victim was sitting waiting for public transport.

In surveillance footage obtained by Only in Dade, the woman is seen sitting on a bench, apparently texting, when the attacker approaches her from behind. The subject places one of his legs on the bench and appears to tie his shoe. Suddenly the individual looks around, pulls the cord out and pulls it around the neck of the female.

The woman struggles with the aggressor, and he continues the onslaught to the fists. A witness approaches the scene to intervene.

That’s when the man flees on foot. Officers detained Quiñones in the area.

It is unclear why the suspect acted violently against the victim.

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