Texas father shot to death while loading daughter’s birthday cake at Chuck E. Cheese

Father is shot to death inside a Texas Chuck E. Cheese while celebrating his son’s birthday.

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Calogero Duenes, 24, was killed while carrying the birthday cake of one of his daughters, this was announced by the Houston, Texas police.

According to official reports, The victim arrived at a Chuck E. Cheese on December 31 to celebrate his eldest daughter’s 7th birthday., when a motorist took his life.

Duenes’s wife, Amber Uresti, told KTRK-TV that she and her two daughters, ages 7 and 3, entered the restaurant while her husband came behind them with their daughter’s cake, suddenly he started yelling “They shot me.”

“I saw him walk towards us. I told the lady that my husband was on his way. I taught him and the instant I turned around She ran through the door saying ‘They shot me, they shot me’”Uresti said.

It also pointed out that ran after him and her daughters followed her to the place where their father was lying on the ground.

“I was walking with a cake”

The Humble Police for their part pointed out that after looking at the incident through the cameras it can be said that Calogero Duenes had a verbal altercation with a driver in the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. The suspect reportedly drove the wrong way into the parking lot and came within walking distance of hitting the victim, who paused to exchange a few words and suddenly pulled out a gun and shot him. Witnesses at the scene said they had heard three shots.

Calogero Duenes was transferred to a hospital where despite medical efforts, he died.

The widow told the aforementioned medium that her husband did not have a weapon and that he did not understand why the incident occurred: “He was walking with a cake.”

The victim’s sister-in-law, Rosemarie Uresti, regretted what happened: “This was not how we expected to start the New Year.”

The suspect fled the scene in a black Ford.

Through the GoFundMe page the victim’s family is requesting money to pay for Calogero’s funeral Duenes who was described as “a loving father.”

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