The 6 most effective tips to lose weight this 2022, according to experts

According to expert nutritionists, it is important to avoid restrictive diets, consume protein at each meal, 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day, and consume most of the day’s calories in the morning and afternoon.

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It is no news to say that as a New Year begins, most of us want to implement resolutions that allow us to establish a healthier lifestyle. And of course, as we enter 2022, one of the main objectives of many people (not to say the most important) is to lose weight. Whether they want to recover from the excesses that the Christmas season brings with it or maybe lose those extra kilos that they have gained throughout the year, the most trending topic focuses on everything that has to do with a healthy weight. Based on this, once people decide to lose weight, they tend to stock up on healthier foods, join the gym again, and most likely are trying to discover what are really the best and easiest methods to lose weight. Based on this, we set about compiling some of the best advice, which has been established by the best nutritionists on how to lose weight in 2022 in a sustainable and healthy way.

1. Ditch the all-or-nothing attitude toward healthy eating

This is one of the main tips that the experts agree on, it’s time to stop having a black and white mindset about food. These types of beliefs are limiting and usually come from the culture of restrictive diets, which are anything but healthy and balanced. In fact, it has been proven that many people gain weight because they engage in overly restrictive behaviors for only a few days and this is usually right at the beginning of January. The biggest problem comes when they decide to eat something that is not in their ‘diet’, or when they tend to eat and drink excessively during the weekend until Monday when the diet begins again ”. Actually these schemes are very harmful, it is much better to follow a whole, colorful and healthy diet, avoiding the consumption of processed foods rich in sugars, saturated fats, sodium and refined flours. And enjoying life’s delights cautiously and on special occasions, indulging yourself is also part of a healthy relationship with food.

2. Integrate protein intake into each meal

By now we all know that protein is one of the most important macronutrients in the daily diet. However, specifically They play a fundamental role in weight loss and this is related to their satiating power. Consuming protein at each meal is of great help to combat anxiety to eat, in addition to helping us not to overeat. Best of all, there are magnificent sources of protein of high biological value that can be integrated regardless of the time of day, such as eggs, fatty fish, chicken, meat and vegetable protein sources such as legumes and soy products. Experts strongly advise integrating proteins into breakfast, as they are a great ally to keep us satisfied throughout the day. Also, protein will make it easier to resist foods high in calories and fat.

3. Supports a healthy gut microbiome

In recent months everyone has talked about the importance of intestinal health, which is popularly classified as the second brain and therefore the quality of The food we eat affects many other processes in the body. In fact, research on the effect that diet has on the microbiome and therefore obesity is being studied more and more and the relationship with weight gain is direct. It is well known that the microbiome – the healthy or ‘good’ bacteria in the gut – it needs to be nurtured and encouraged to grow in a diverse microbial community. Therefore, the best way to have a strong microbiome is through a diet rich in nutrients, which is achieved with some simple tips:

– Fill at least half of the day’s dishes with mixed and colorful vegetables.

– Include probiotic foods or supplements, bet on integrating the consumption of kefir, yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, cheeses, among others.

– Increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber (prebiotics) to feed healthy gut microbes, and limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages that depress the system.

4. Consider the quality of calories

Not all calories are the same and this is important to understand. The calories contained in an industrial sweet bread are not the same as those provided by foods rich in protein. According to experts, the recommendation is to consume at least 20 grams of protein from foods such as dairy, eggs, tofu, seafood, and lean meat, at each meal and 10 grams at snacks. As we mentioned before, proteins are basic since they keep us satisfied for longer and are of great help to control hunger. Also, the body uses more energy to digest protein, which provides an added benefit.

5. Don’t forget the importance of fiber

Fiber is a basic nutrient and is not only important for digestive and intestinal health, the reality is that it intervenes in other body processes such as metabolism and cardiovascular health. It plays an essential role in weight loss, therefore experts recommend consuming 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day from foods like beans and lentils, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. In addition to keeping us full, fiber feeds healthy bacteria in the gut that are helpful in regulating blood glucose levels and preventing sugar spikes. On the other hand, fiber is ideal to enhance the elimination of waste from the body and is a good supplement to burn fat.

6. Eat most of your calories in the morning and afternoon.

Food is better processed by the body earlier in the day. According to experts: eating at night can make it difficult to control body weight because insulin, the hormone that moves glucose produced by digestion into the cells, does not work as well. Skimping on food during the day can also cause us to overeat at night, which makes weight control even more difficult due to excessive calorie consumption. Therefore, the recommendation is strong: Limiting your food intake at night provides an additional advantage when it comes to losing weight.

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