These will be the official holidays in the United States in this 2022

Although the arrival of the New Year may have charged us with many illusions and energies, it is most likely that In these first days of 2022 you still feel the hangover that the Christmas holidays They left you or, you may still feel tired of that vacation that you had longed for.

That is why many will already be wondering what will be the first holiday in 2022 Well, returning to the routine, and especially to work, can be overwhelming and you just want to be able to enjoy more days of rest.

If you are one of those who are already preparing to enjoy these festive dates that are marked on the calendar, here we leave you all that will be in 2022, both official and unofficial, so that you can schedule your plans, either to take a trip or visit your loved ones.

U.S. Holidays in 2022

* January 1 (Saturday) – New Years
* January 17 (Monday) – Martin Luther King Jr.Day
* February 21 (Monday) – Presidents’ Day
* May 30 (Monday) – Memorial Day
* June 20 (Monday) – Juneteenth
* July 4 (Monday) – Independence Day
* September 5 (Monday) – Labor Day
* October 10 (Monday) – Columbus Day
* November 11 (Friday) – Veterans Day
* November 24 (Thursday) – Thanksgiving Day
* December 25 (Sunday) – Christmas

Officially, these are the days when work activities are suspended and therefore, in the vast majority, you will enjoy long weekends.

Unofficial US Holidays for 2022

On these dates, the government encourages businesses to close to pay tribute to the day; however, it is not legally mandatory to grant workers a break.

* February 14 (Monday) – Valentine’s Day
* March 17 (Thursday) – St. Patrick’s Day
* April 15 (Friday) – Good Friday
* April 17 (Sunday) – Easter
* May 8 (Sunday) – Mother’s Day
* July 24 (Sunday) – Father’s Day
* October 31 (Monday) – Halloween

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