They criticize Adamari López: they say that the outfit does not shine on her and that something strange is noticeable between her legs

Criticisms of Adamari López do not stop even in 2022. The Puerto Rican presenter is once again receiving not very encouraging messages from the users of Instagram, a social network in which she has more than 6.8 million followers, many of whom day by day follow in detail every movement that she shows through the screens .

On this occasion the Puerto Rican has published a funny video talking about the popular saying that reads “if Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad”, while holding two weights in his hands and lifting them, but What has generated the critical and mocking messages has been the outfit that he wore on this occasion and the “strange” bulge that according to users, López is marked between his legs.

“Just me, there is something weird there”

“And you can see the pamper”

“Is it really who recorded the video or is it that she did not notice that … You have to be more aware of the details. It has happened to me because I was in a hurry .. “

“Is Pamper on ??? If you notice them !!!

“People comment on what they see and andor I saw the same something in his crotches or is it in his days “

Despite these types of comments, there are those who come out to defend the Puerto Rican with everything and attack those who criticize her:

“Wow these stupidest comments” Y “Come here you don’t work? They even get into the period of the little Omg ”are some of the comments that are seen in defense of the Puerto Rican.

And is that has constantly been the target of criticism and attacks by people on social media. They even asked Telemundo to stop showing it, because they were saturating the public with their image.

In one of his most recent reel posts, this one that he has been getting a lot of use for for quite some time, he hilariously said: To the creators of what does not kill you makes you stronger tell them that I no longer want more strength, it is fine there”.

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