They send Rosie Rivera to silence: the public abandons her and many believe Chiquis more

In Instagram Rosie Rivera He said: “I don’t defend myself! The truth simply is. Rosie chooses not to pollute her mind and her emotions. ” Among the messages many support her while others say: “Drop your drama.” More than a thousand likes received these words.

Others have even stopped believing in her as a religious pastor and say to her: “Wash your mouth to mention God.”

In a last publication he left these words: “End family wars. There are problems, differences and family wars that go on for a long time and in which many people are hurt sometimes for no reason “. This issue, her way of approaching it, plus what surrounds her herself has not served to make her followers take pity on her and not only do they apparently stop “following her on networks”, but also keep her quiet.

“Girl, bye,” said a fan, whose message received more than 400 likes. Others even call her Walter Mercado: “Walter Mercado is already believed” and hundreds of likes supported the mention.

Then the comments were raised and they sent him silence: “Shut up now”. And so many make disinterested faces at him, others fall asleep and many more show that they no longer believe him: “Oh! Don’t invent, just blah blah blah “,” Practice what you preach! Blah blah blah “,” That is not done, how far ambition goes “, “That is not being ashamed and putting together a circus, by now, you are advertising.”

These were the words of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image On Instagram. Here he also publicly obtained the full support of his uncle Lupillo. “El Toro del Corrido” has told her that she and her brothers are not doing anything wrong, that they are the ones who have the right not only to demand an account, but to live on the name of Jenni Rivera, forever. ”

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