Two new snow storms in the US put some 60 million people at risk since this Thursday

Snow and wind in the Big Apple.

Photo: Mariela Lombard / El Diario NY

The state of Virginia had to declare a state of emergency last night due to snowfall from a powerful winter storm earlier in the week, while authorities prepare to receive more snow this Friday.

According to the Accuweather forecast, the US capital, Washington DC, could receive 1-3 inches of snow early tomorrow morning, while areas like Harrisburg, Virginia, expect 3-6 inches.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency in the face of the approaching atmospheric event.

The snow left by the previous system on Monday caused a serious clogging of vehicles on the I-95 highway that extended for about 40 miles between Richmond and Washington.

Freezing conditions caused a truck to crash on the busy highway, which in turn caused other drivers to lose control. Traffic in both directions was paralyzed for more than 20 hours.

Northam called the event unusual while explaining that the excessive amount of snow falling (two inches per hour) complicated and delayed the work of the workers.

After this emergency situation, the outlook is not looking good for at least 60 million in the northeastern US who are at risk of suffering the effects of two winter storms.

Telemundo meteorologist Carlos Robles specified that alerts for unstable weather they go from west to east. Areas like Massachusetts, New York and Washington DC They are under a winter storm warning.

The effects of both systems, one that comes from the Great Lakes and the other that is already through Kentucky and Tennessee, will be felt in the northeast of the country from Thursday afternoon until Friday morning.

In the New York area, for example, 2-3 inches of snow is expected.

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