Video: Jenni Rivera’s father, Don Pedro, shows the house of his former Doña Rosa

A marriage can end very well or very badly, an example of the first option is Don Pedro Rivera his ex-wife Doña Rosa Saavedra, parents of Jenni Rivera, who they have been separated since 2008 after 42 years of marriage.

Although they are already separated, both have created a YouTube channel, because what is certain is that both have always been willing to work, regardless of whether they must adapt to new trends.

Recently on the channel they share Don Pedro showed his subscribers the house of Doña Rosa in a rather humorous way.

The first space in the house that she shows is the kitchen, where she and one of her daughters are preparing a meal. The kitchen is quite spacious with a central island where you can see that the cooks prepare everything, the cupboards are brown and you can see that it is equipped with several stainless steel appliances that are sure to make the kitchen experience much quieter.

From the kitchen he goes to the main room where the Christmas tree is still. This space stands out for the brown color of its furniture, carpet and other details. Mr. Pedro also showed a photo of the late Jenni Rivera that rests on one of the tables, according to him is a photo never seen before.

On a wall of property in California, United StatesThere are also many more photos that show the Rivera family at various stages of their life. The floor is polished white.

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