An abortion outside a hospital sparks criticism of China’s anticovid regulations

  • They denied entry to a pregnant woman because the anticovid-19 test had expired for a few hours, according to her niece

One spontaneous abortion happened at the gates of a hospital in the city of china Xi’an, has generated a great controversy about the draconian anticovid rules that are applied in the country after the appearance of small foci of the disease.

Anticovid-19 test expired for hours

The woman, who was 8 months pregnant, did not have a valid COVID-19 test and therefore the hospital refused to treat her, which caused the miscarriage to occur at the gates of the medical center.

This happened in the city of Xi’an, of 13 million inhabitants, which has been under strict confinement for two weeks after the appearance of a coronavirus outbreak, following the “zero covid” strategy promoted by the authorities with the intention to stop all infections.

On January 1, through social networks, the woman’s niece was the one who recounted what happened and explained that the hospital staff refused to treat the pregnant woman for two hours because they did not have a recent negative covid test (less two days), since this had expired a few hours before.

The message was accompanied by photos and a video of the pregnant woman, sitting on a plastic stool outside the hospital and surrounded by a pool of blood. And, although the message has been deleted from the networks, since then it was seen before 290 million times on the WeChat network, for example, and netizen outrage Do not be late.

Unusual apologies

After what happened, the authorities asked official apologies to the patient and they announced sanctions to those responsible, something rare in China. This Thursday the director of the health services of the city council apologized to the patient at a press conference for the “lack of access to healthcare“that he needed and explained that he had received the order to deliver compensation to the woman.

Shortly before this apology, the hospital director and “responsible persons“from the patient admissions department they were suspended and forced to leave their jobs.

The measures that were taken are rare in China, where, however, several officials have been sanctioned in the last two years, but for not having applied severely enough anticovid measures.

Last Wednesday, the authorities explained that they will open fast access routes to hospitals for the population at risk, such as pregnant women or patients with serious illnesses.

It is not a unique case

Although the case of this abortion does not seem to be something isolated, since another inhabitant of the city affirmed on Thursday, through networks, that her father, 61, had died of a heart attack three days before, after having been rejected in various hospitals.

The message was read more than 180 million times and it explained that they tried to enter various hospitals in vain for 8 hours, because his father had severe pain in his chest. When he was finally admitted to one “the doctor said he had waited too long“And that if the anticoagulant medicine had been administered within two hours of the onset of the pains, the man could have been saved.

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Although Covid-19 infections in China are rare Compared with other countries, in recent weeks what worries the authorities have risen due to the proximity of the next winter olympics from February 4 to 20.

According to official figures, the country has only registered 100,000 cases since the start of the pandemic, at the end of 2019, and 4,636 deaths. On Thursday, 189 cases were reported across the country, including 63 in Xi’an. In this city, the confined inhabitants have complained of lack of food, Although the authorities assured Wednesday that the epidemic peak was about to be controlled in the locality.

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