Cardi B says her baby is already talking at just four months

Cardi B.

Photo: Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar. / Grosby Group

It has not been more than four months since his birth, but apparently the second offspring of Cardi B Y Offset he has already spoken his first words. That is at least what his famous mother has assured in her Instagram stories, in which she has explained her theory in detail to her millions of fans.

This baby already talks, I swear on everyone I love and in the name of Jesus Christ. In the first place, my husband saw everything yesterday ”, Kulture’s mother, who will also be celebrating her fourth year of life in 2022, began to relate. Then, the rapper has revealed that the child has already been able to say ‘yes’ Y ‘hello’ with a diction more than acceptable for his age.

“I was saying, ‘You love mom, yeah?’ And I asked him again: ‘Do you love Mom?’ And that’s when he answered me, he said ‘Yes’. But it wasn’t a normal baby soundIt was a full-fledged ‘yes’ ”, he explained in his video. In addition, Cardi was able to record her child singing a popular children’s song to him, an audio in which he would be heard saying ‘hello’ clearly.

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