COVID: Should I Get Tested If I Have Symptoms? This says the Ministry of Health of the CDMX

The Secretary of Health of Mexico City, Oliva López Arellano, said that people who have symptoms flu, cough, isolate yourself, and that no need to go out for a COVID-19 test, because with this, the chains of contagion would be broken.

He commented that if they have flu-like symptoms, people consider themselves infected, because the omicron variant is not as strong as the previous ones.

Said There are two ways to detect if it is a serious condition, the first is to keep monitoring with the oximeter to verify oxygenation. The other is if you have a high fever.

The general director of Digital Government of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), Eduardo Clark García Doberganes, reported that Mexico City continues in green, with a hospital occupancy of 622.

At a press conference he said that there is a large increase in infections similar to those of the first and second waves

Serious hospital admissions have shown a low increase, as well as deaths in the capital, with 5%.

The official said that Just over 5,000 active cases were identified yesterday Thursday, although he reiterated that this is not reflected in hospitalizations, as these are still kept with low records.

They called for people to be vaccinated, since the majority of hospital admissions are people without the vaccination scheme.

Although the numbers of infections are similar to those of the second wave, Eduardo Clark assured that it is not the same magnitude as the number of hospitalizations.



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