COVID: They give appointments for tests in a week due to high demand

Because in Jalisco they have increased cases of coronavirus due to the omicron variant, and consequently the request for evidence Free COVID, the Jalisco Radar system has availability of appointments for the test application until Thursday 13 of this month, according to the staff that attends the information line in the phone 3335403001.

The above means that tomorrow and most of the following week no space available to carry out the tests at the facilities of the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS).

Jesús Mora, in charge of the call center and the sample-taking module at that university center, reported on Tuesday that they currently perform 260 tests per day, half PCR and the rest of antigen, but acknowledged that because the request for the tests It has increased, starting the following week 1,200 will be applied daily.

In addition to Radar Jalisco, the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) also schedules free appointments for COVID testing.

Hotline staff at the number 3338233220 reported that in this unit a doctor performs an assessment by phone to determine if a PCR or an antigen test is applied, depending on the symptoms, and within the next 24 hours they return the call to the patient to give him the day and time for the sampling. However, an average time period in which appointments are given was not shared.


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