Dominican merenguero Ala Jaza gives a house to a humble youtuber who lived in subhuman conditions

The Dominican merenguero “Ala Jaza” and the businessman Alberto Fernández gave a house to the social media character “I am Bobolo”, who lived in a poor unit in Santiago devoid of basic services.

Dominican media reported this week that the artist, whose first name is Emmanuel Jiménez, and Fernández, made him tremendous New Year’s gift to the youtuber.

Today another dream is fulfilled in my life; Today Bobolo can sleep well at home, in a new bed. Today is a day to give thanks to God, “said Allah Chaza at the time of handing over the house.

“Here you want people who are with God; people who are not with God to follow his path. We don’t want bad people in our society… ”, the“ influencer ”is heard saying while posing from his new home as part of a video on his YouTube channel.

“Thank the Lord, God bless you all,” he adds in the video in which he sends greetings to several of his friends.

Later, the video fan shared a recording of the house of wood and zinc in which he lived in subhuman conditions, since it did not have electricity and there was no wall that divided the toilet from the rest of the structure.

Yo soy Bobolo is known for sharing videos that show daily life in the Dominican Republic and its humorous exchanges with other residents of the Caribbean island.

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