Experts warn of a “nightmare” on the roads due to snow storms that hit the northeastern US.

Meteorological authorities warned that the worst threat from the snow storms that affected the northeastern United States this Friday is for drivers on the roads.

Jonathan Porter, a meteorologist at AccuWeather, said the system moves rapidly from the Tennessee Valley Intensely enough to complicate traffic conditions and cause delays in parts of the South to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

The expectation is 1 to 2 inches of snow fall per hour in some areas.

They anticipate chaos on snowy roads

“When it’s snowing this fast, despite the best efforts of the road crews, it’s hard to keep up with the accumulation and clean the roads to keep them clear, “he explained Porter. “He chaos on the roads can happen quickly with the risk of pathways obstructed by stranded vehicles and crashes ”, anticipated the expert.

The specialist added that travel could turn into a nightmare this morning from eastern New Jersey, New York City, southern and eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island and eastern New York. Massachusetts.

Poor visibility and slippery conditions they would be the two factors that must be paid more attention since they could lead to emergency situations.

“Operations at airports in these areas will also be significantly impacted on Friday and could extend through Saturday with the risk of long delays and cancellations,” Porter anticipated. The meteorologist recommended not to transit, to the extent possible, to avoid exposing yourself to risks associated with storms.

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