Flights canceled and schools affected, but not closed due to snowfall in New York

Snow in New York, February 2021.

Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

Several inches of snow have accumulated in New York and the tri-state region in the first metropolitan snow of 2022, which is still hitting some areas.

Up to 6 inches of snow was forecast for areas New York and New Jersey, and this morning there were 5.5 in central park, central point of NYC. The new mayor Eric Adams did not close schools in the city, a situation that was announced in several regions of NY and Jersey, between cancellations and delayed starts. The list can be consulted here.

Winter weather advisories and advisories had been issued since yesterday for much of New Jersey, as well as the five boroughs of New York City, areas to the north, and Long Island, especially Suffolk County. All warnings were timed to expire today Friday at noon.

Last night the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy stated state of emergency before the start of the storm. In NYC, authorities have asked avoid the highways and opt for public transport.

Since last night the main airports in the region – LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark – announced flight cancellations in anticipation of the snow storm. Newark canceled the most with 165 in total; and LaGuardia and Kennedy 143 and 75 flights, respectively, indicated Pix11.

In parallel, for weeks the country’s airlines have been suspending flights for the amount of employees who have been reported sick with coronavirus, the same reason that has affected the rest of the public services.

The City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) issued a snow alert that began at 7 pm last night, effective for 24 hours. Commissioner Edward Grayson said earlier today that they had about 22% fewer of their workforce due to COVID illness calls, but said the city still had about 1,600 plows in operation.

The New York Governor Kathy Hochul, He claimed yesterday that the state was deploying resources where they are needed and working with utilities to make sure any issues are resolved quickly. “We have experience, but you can never predict exactly what Mother Nature will do ”, commented.

Parking on the alternate side of New York City was suspended today and Saturday, but parking meters will remain in effect amid the storm.

Weather updates can be found here and on the website of the National Weather Service NY. Plus details here about the forecast in each county in New York and Jersey.

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