Jorge Ramos confirms that he tests positive for COVID on his vacation and is trapped

Jorge Ramos.

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Jorge Ramos confirms that he tests positive for COVID on his vacation and is trapped, in Mahe, Seychelles islands, where he had just arrived with his family to spend some happy and restful days.

Journalist wrote a column on the page of ‘Al Punto’ and whose title is: ‘Trapped in Paradise’... There he begins by recounting that, after two intense years of reporting and covering the pandemic, he decided to take a vacation in a place he always wanted to know, and had never been.

Savings in the middle invited his children and his partner, Chiquinquirá Delgado. But as soon as he arrived, he began to feel bad, pain in one ear and head, something that, taking into account that the PCR to travel they had tested negative, it was attributed to the flight hours and the time difference of 9 hours.

As a good journalist, he decided to double confirm ‘the information’ of his negative, and took a home test that he had carried in his suitcase. The response was a resounding positive.

By way of ‘breaking news’ Ramos says that he acted immediately upon his news that was not at all positive: “No one in the rest of the group was infected and surprisingly I found some flights to Miami that same night to return everyone. My daughter Paola did not want to leave me alone and, in an incredible show of affection and solidarity, she stayed with me for a few days to take care of me“, Explains the journalist in the column.

“Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the Seychelles Ministry of Health contacts you and forces you to place yourself in strict and solitary quarantine“, He says and that is how he was confined in his paradisiacal hotel room, surrounded by exotic vegetation, and a sea of ​​magical color, but without being able to leave.

Ramos explains that His three doses of Moderna vaccine helped make his symptoms almost mild, the tinnitus went away after a couple of days, and he would only have had what those who went through the coronavirus know, and that settles for a while longer after testing negative: body fatigue.

There are two parts of Jorge Ramos’ column where, we do not know if loneliness, illness, or so long empty, shows a personal and vulnerable side that has rarely, if ever, shared.

The first, when he talks about the moment when his daughter Paola, the one who explained above that she had stayed a few days with him, he left the island and was left alone:

My daughter Paola, magnificent and magnanimous, has already left. But first he made sure that there was nothing serious. We had, with masks and a wide social distance, four days of wonderful conversations. I love her and admire her. When I grow up I want to be like her. Watching her wild hair go off in the car that took her to the airport, I started to cry like it hadn’t been for decades. For several minutes, uncontrollable“, wrote.

The second, when once again he assures that he is an atheist and does not believe in anything, however, he clings to an object that Chiqui Delgado forgot on the flight against COVID and the great significance it has in his life:

“I am neither religious nor superstitious. But now I understand why the character of Tom Hanks in the movie ‘Castaway’ (2000) felt accompanied by a volleyball called Wilson. Chiqui, my life partner, forgot an earring and I have it prostrate as a sacred object on a white towel; I want to believe that if I touch it it will bring me luck. Or at least it reminds me of my life before this nightmare“, He confessed.

Ramos confesses that he is going through new emotions and feelings: fear, anguish that does not leave him even to sleep, and the uncertainty of not being in control. He tries to take as a tool the breathing he learned doing yoga and even connects to some classes that relieve him.

For the moment his destiny is still the ‘confinement in paradise’, and his future uncertain, so he ends his column with a promise that remains open:

“I am trapped in paradise. I still don’t know how or when I’m going to be able to get out of here. But I suspect that this experience is going to mark me a lot. In fact, it already changed me. It has given me time, a lot of time, to think about what is truly important. Then I’ll tell you where this all ends“.


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