Karol G wet and in a sensual bikini of hearts reappears on social networks

Karol G

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Karol G reappeared on his Instagram account after a few days without making a publication. The Colombian reggaeton singer has published a series of photographs in which she wears a white swimsuit, with prints of red hearts, and shows her marked figure while wet.

Her wet blue hair and a few drops that rest on her body, the popular “Bichota” knelt in front of the pool, held her panties and posed for the photograph.

“As on the cover of a notebook just to start the year”, wrote next to many red hearts.

Among the images, you can also see a book called β€œWomen who run with the wolves”, by the author Larissa Pinkola EstΓ©s.

Up to now, the publication has 4,355,591 likes and more than 32 thousand comments. From his fans and the occasional friend from the art world who have let him know that he looks sensational.

These are some of the comments he received from figures from the show:

Chiquis Rivera: Wow πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😍😍😍😍🀀

Kali Uchis: 😍😍😍😍😍

Camila Cabello: I love that book

Alkylates: How nice the “KG” pin on the Crocs

Claudia BahamΓ³n: That book is to die for! Enjoy it

Likewise, her loyal followers filled her with messages. Even, They left a few words dedicated to Anuel, his ex, and to Yailin, the woman who was allegedly in a relationship with the artist what a few weeks ago surprised the “Bichota * in his concert in Puerto Rico: at that moment the fans were amazed with a possible return of the couple, because the surprise and the moments that the artists and The emotional words that Karol G dedicated to Anuel gave them much to think about and wish for.

“😍😍😍 that yailyn nor yailyn”, “And Do you really want to compare them? ”, “Anuel looks at Karol, not Yailin” and “For those who compare my baby with yailin ” are some of the comments that stand out in this regard.

One of the last posts that Karol G had made on his Instagram account was also quite sensual. She was seen wearing a pretty flirty red top, a white skirt close to the body, two pigtails in her blue hair and spectacular white boots completed her outfit.

In its last publication of the year 2021, He recalled the sexy dance he performed with the Colombian singer Feid and that it earned him a few rumors about a possible relationship between the two.

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