Karol G’s bra is too small for her and her breasts stick out so low. “Sacred face”, say the fans when they see it

Karol G showed part of her breasts by wearing a very small top.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

Karol G continues to enjoy life and the magic that her image evokes with a tiny bikini under the sun. Many are talking about her with this bathroom piece. But what many and many are really enjoying is the image of this one with the small bra, and that is because of the size of her breasts, they began to come out on the low side.

Some say that the photo of Karol G is a provocation for Anuel AA, her ex-boyfriend. And it has transpired that he already has a new love in his life. Others assure that photography only tries to expose how little it matters to him that the singer has a new girlfriend. So that’s why she put on the smallest bikini in her collection, supposedly, to show that her life is sand, sun and lots of beach.

Fans believe this indicates the opposite. Many say this only possibly exposes spite on their part. And they even say: “If I was carefree I would not have uploaded anything. It is ignored and period ”. They insist that she is angry: “She is angry, she does it to get attention.” Others go with the messages of bad taste and assert: “Anyway, the guy already ate it.”

Some fans of Karol G live a lot of disappointment, and when they see her with these types of images they say: “Every day she uploads photos like this, she looks like an old one of those porn.” It seems that not everyone who follows her is really happy with this stage of her life and personality.

The comments, yes, have been made on the Instagram account of Gossip No Like, where many others are pleased to see her so sexy and daring: “She looks divine, the most beautiful and talented apart. For her beauty they envy her so much ”.

In the singer’s personal Instagram account, they say that with this image they start the year extremely inspired. There are many, and they mention God and all the saints when they see it like this. They say: “Hail Mary” and “Sacred face.”

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