Man had ex-wife killed in Washington amid custody lawsuit, but hitman killed sister; he was sentenced to life imprisonment

Hit men only think about money.

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A man who had his ex-wife killed, but the hitman ended up murdering her sister was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday in Washington.

Kevin Lewis, 34, paid $ 2,400 to his cousin, Jerradon Phelps, 19, to kill his ex-wife Amanda Canales in September 2017.

Even if Lewis directed Phelps to Canales’s house in Everett., the man did not tell the hitman that other people might be at the scene.

Without imagining that Alisha Canales-McGuire, 24, was not the target, the gunman shot her dead while the woman was in the care of her three nephews.

The Daily Herald report indicates that, at the time of the attack, the mother of the children and the focus of the criminals was on a journey business in New York.

At the time of committing the crime, Phelps was accompanied by a friend, identified as Alexis Hale, 17. The hit man shot the victim five times.

The case remained unclear until August 2018 by a tip to the police in which it was indicated that Hale confessed that he had been hired to kill someone in Everett.

In July 2020, Phelps pleaded guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to 31 years in prison.

Hale pleaded guilty to the same charges and was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

During Lewis’s trial, Phelps testified that he did not know who he was looking for as Lewis only provided him with the address of the home.

Phelps further stated that the $ 2,400 Lewis paid him was used for tattoos, Timberland boots and a Salvatore Ferragamo belt buckle.

A few hours after the attack, the now convict posted photos on social networks showing off several $ 100 bills.

When Lewis was charged in 2019 in connection with the Canales-McGuire murder, he was already in prison for assaulting his ex-wife. The woman told authorities that she began to fear for her life in 2017, that at one point Lewis threatened to kill her if she did not hand over custody of her three children. Last November, the man was convicted of first degree felony murder with a firearm and conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

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