MasterChef Abuelos 2 premieres, paying tribute to those who are passionate about cooking over 60 years of age

On Three Kings Day, at midnight (as they say) the ninth edition of MasterChef Junior. The truth is that they are not hours, no matter how much the children are on Christmas holidays. And there are many voices that have been saying it for years, but TV is TV and today, the production company echoes the same old thing again: ‘MasterChef Junior was the leader in its broadcast slot with a 12.6% share with 1,581,000 viewers’. Well, they also name the little one who rose as the winner of MasterChef Junior 9, Guillem, who seems to have had a tough competitor, Carla. We couldn’t watch the show until the end.

What we did see during some publicity for this talent show culinary was the announcement of a new edition of MasterChef Grandparents, and now we have verified that their next broadcast had already been discussed in the media, but the news had not reached us. So if you didn’t know either, we will tell you, next week the second edition of MasterChef Abuelos will be released.

Remember that this edition of the culinary talent show is not like the rest, MasterChef Grandparents 2 is a special program, only has a delivery, and they broadcast it as ‘the finishing touch’ of their Christmas programming, one of their objectives being to pay tribute to the elders of the house, to the third generation, so all the participants of this MasterChef special are over 60 years old .

The senior edition of MasterChef will air next Monday January 10 from 10:00 p.m. in La 1 de Televisión Española. And although it consists of a single program, there will also be outdoor tests for the twelve applicants to win the title, and how far will the ‘grandparents’ of MasterChef go to do one of the tests of the talent culinary? Well, they will go to Benidorm.

In this and in all the tests carried out by the contestants, they will have as judges Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Jordi Cruz and Pepe Rodríguez, to whom they must demonstrate their culinary skills, their experience and their improvement after years of practice. And they will also receive several guests, chefs such as Ricard Camarena, Toño Pérez, Pepa Muñoz, Ramón Freixa, Pepe Solla, Fina Puigdelval, Martina Puigvert, Francis Paniego, Martin Berasategui and Juanjo López, and former contestants from different editions of MasterChef, among them, Carmina Barrios, Juanma Castaño and the winner and finalist of the first edition of MasterChef Abuelos.


Well, we leave you with the names and some more information about the twelve applicants from MasterChef Grandparents 2Only one of them will win and will obtain a prize endowed with 12,000 euros, as well as a good experience after passing through the program that we hope that, if you repeat the reviews of the first edition, they will be very good.

Rosario (84 years – Burgos)
Until he retired, he ran a lottery administration in a town in Burgos that distributed the second prize of the Christmas Lottery. In her spare time, she loved to cook and is currently doing this as a hobby. Its star dishes are tripe and lamb shoulder with beer.

José (66 years – Pontevedra)
He has traveled over 100 countries and loves to travel on his motorcycle. He worked as an electrician and watchman, but now he runs a hotel in Cádiz. In her spare time, she organizes cooking competitions with her friends and has set up a gastronomic association. Their specialty is rice and chicken with passion fruit.

Eduardo (83 years – Málaga)
He was a driver in a luxury hotel in Benalmádena. Now, despite the fact that he is retired, he does not stand still. She loves to ride her bike, hike, and create cooking content for her YouTube channel. He is a crack of fideuás and paellas, although with the soup and rice pudding he has conquered his family on more than one occasion.

María Luisa (81 years – Cádiz)
She is passionate about traditional Spanish cuisine, although she does well against a good sirloin Wellington or a bouillabaisse soup. She has always been a homemaker, but has traveled a lot with her husband. He loves to ride a motorcycle and, although he has character, he is very sentimental and usually avoids arguments.

Mari Carmen (79 years – Barcelona)
He loves decoration and fashion. Both she and her children made their first steps in the world of modeling. That attention to detail is also applied in the kitchen, since he loves to pamper the presentation of the dishes. Cook only one day a week and leave everything ready for the rest of the days. His favorite dish is roasted meat.

Daniel (77 years – Madrid)
His granddaughter Henar conquered us in MasterChef Junior 8 and now Daniel comes to the kitchens of the program to give us great moments. Before retiring, he worked in a neighborhood restaurant specializing in very cheap daily menus. However, now she cooks at home for fun. His specialty is the oxtail.

Lola (77 years – Córdoba)
He learned to cook when he got married. Since then, she has loved welcoming her children and grandchildren at home to prepare delicious delicacies for them. He has lived in Madrid for 53 years, but he has his beloved Córdoba in his heart. In his kitchen there is no shortage of dishes such as beans with clams and tripe.

Inés (78 years – Cantabria)
After many years of work, Inés aspires to enjoy a simple and quiet life. Together with her ex-husband, she set up a hotel-restaurant, but upon divorcing, she left it to move to Madrid. At present, Inés has three children and is the queen of family games. He loves to walk, travel, read, and cook. Its star dish is cuttlefish onions.

Rocío (71 years – Cáceres)
He does not make “delicatessens”, but prefers the dishes of a lifetime. Some dishes that your children and grandchildren adore, as she prepares them everywhere. She has been retired for three years, but she developed her working life as a cleaner. Now she comes to MasterChef wanting to enjoy cooking.

Filomeno (64 years – Alicante)
Absolute fan of MasterChef. They are very good with Alicante paellas or salad with artichokes. On his last birthday, he prepared a paella for 40 people and even his children’s friends visit his house to try his dishes. In his spare time, he loves to go for a walk in the mountains with his Lab.

Almudena (87 years – Vizcaya)
He has been cooking since he was 8 years old and defines his dishes as traditional. His specialty is the crepe stuffed with prawns and mushrooms, although he loves pastries. She recognizes that she prefers to cook at night because she is more active than in the morning. In her spare time, she also loves to play cards with her friends.

Andrés (89 years – A Coruña)
At the age of 86, she began her modeling career for haute couture firms. He has even worked as an actor. During his previous working life he has devoted himself to the legal profession and has also worked as a diplomatic cultural attaché. In his spare time, he prepares stew dishes and desserts. Its star dish is flan.

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