NFL: Antonio Brown’s allegations against the Buccaneers will be investigated by the Players Association

Antonio Brown stars in another controversy and the NFLPA will investigate the situation.

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NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah announced Thursday that the body will investigate the allegations made by recipient Antonio Brown against medical malpractice suffered by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brown shared a statement hours before on his social networks in which he pointed out that Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians had him play with an injured ankle in NFL week 17, which is why he took off his shirt and playing equipment and threw it onto the field.

The action happened Sunday in Tampa Bay’s visit to the Jets. The player also detailed the way in which he was forced to use a pain medication.

“I gave in to pressure from my coach to play injured. Despite the pain, I evened out I was injected with what I know is a powerful and sometimes dangerous pain reliever that many times it has been admonished not to use by the NFL Players Association ”.

Although Brown has not contacted the NFLPA, the players’ association, Atallah explained that the body plans to follow standard procedure and investigate Brown’s allegations of medical mismanagement, as he does every time a player makes such accusations.

Following Brown’s post, the Buccaneers issued a statement terminating the receiver and they explained that he had received medical clearance to be with the Jets.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers terminate the contract with Antonio Brown immediately. Antonio received treatment on his ankle, he was placed on the injury report the week before the last game, but received medical discharge to playThey wrote in the letter.

In the brief, the Bucs shared their attempts to cross-check the player’s ankle studies with those he did on his own.

“We have tried, on several occasions throughout the week, to schedule an evaluation by an external orthopedist, however, Antonio has not complied,” said the team.

In Brown’s words, his ankle was badly hurt and this caused him pain to play.

“My injury shows broken bone fragments stuck in my ankle., the torn ligament of the bone and loss of cartilage, which is very painful ”, commented the player.

This Thursday, at a press conference, Arians denied that during the game he had any report about Brown’s ailment.

“At no point during that game did the player approach a doctor to talk about his ankle. There are protocols during games and they never notified us of any pain“, he pointed.

According to the coach, the receiver’s annoyance was due to the few times he had received the ball in the game, so he went to face him so that he would return to the field.

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