Pennsylvania man arrested for stealing masturbation devices from Adult World store where he recently applied for work

A man in Pennsylvania is Accused of stealing sex toys at an Adult World where you had recently applied for a job.

Jacob McFarland, 29, was arrested last week for stealing a couple of masturbation devices.

A report by The Smoking Gun, citing the criminal complaint in the case, indicates that the alleged thief remains in custody on various charges for allegedly stealing sexual items worth approximately $ 350 from the store located in North Wales, a suburb of Philadelphia.

The suspect seized two masturbators, a Fleshlight model, which costs $ 95.99, and an Autoblow AI, valued at about $ 250.

When an employee confronted him in the store’s parking lot, McFarland threatened to stab him.

The worker was able to identify the alleged thief since recently he had applied for a job position In the establishment.

Agents located the man in a hotel just steps from Adult World.

He carried a knife and a backpack with a lock. When officers verified the contents, they found the masturbation devices.

McFarland faces multiple charges including robbery and terrorist threats. The defendant has pending cases for disorderly conduct and drug possession, among other accusations.

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