Resident will not attend the inauguration of Xiomara Castro

René Pérez Joglar, “Resident”.

GABE GINSBERG / Getty Images

Several Honduran media such as the newspaper El País and the television channel HCH assured that René Pérez Joglar, first name of Resident, He was going to participate in the inauguration of the elected president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro.

However, it was the representatives of the Puerto Rican rapper who denied this Friday, January 7, that the artist will attend the event that is intended to be held on January 27.

“We want to deny the news that he will be present at the inauguration of Xiomara Castro de Zelaya,” the singer’s management office said in a statement to Efe.

Polo Montalvo, who is the manager of Residente, also explained that the rapper “is immersed in the studio working on what will be his new musical production.”

Said media had reported that the founding member and vocalist of Calle 13 would perform alongside other international artists such as the Guaraguao and Abiayala groups from Venezuela.

Xiomara Castro, from the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party and wife of former President Manuel Zelaya, won the Honduran elections and not only becomes the first woman to govern the country, but will also end 12 years of conservative government and return the Honduran left to power for the first time since Zelaya was deposed in a coup in 2009.

He will succeed Juan Orlando Hernández, ending three consecutive periods of government of the National Party.

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