Spain exceeds seven million infections by covid

Spain It has exceeded 7 million infected with coronavirus, of which 1,289,952 have been notified in the last two weeks, which has increased the incidence by 148 points, reaching 2,722 cases.

In full rise of the sixth wave, and even without the number of infections having peaked, Spain has reached 7,164,906 citizens who have contracted the covid-19 disease that causes the coronavirus, according to data from the Ministry of Health, which also point out that, of that total, 618,696 have been infected in the last 7 days.

Since Wednesday, the last day on which Health published data on the pandemic, 97 deaths have been recorded (331 in the last week), while the mortality rate stands at 1.3%, compared to 1.7% in over a month ago. The cumulative incidence in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants stands at 2,722.27 points, compared to 2574.46 points on Wednesday.

22% of patients in ucis are covid

Two weeks ago, the national average occupancy of patients in intensive care units was 16.2%, with 1,515 admitted, and now at 22%, with a total of 2,010 patients. In the ward it was 6.4%, with 7,924 patients, and it has risen to 11.7%, with 12,370. income.

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In the last 24 hours there have been 2,010 admissions (2,212 Wednesdays) and 1,078 new arrivals (1,906 Wednesdays). The bed occupancy rate due to coronavirus stands at 11.79% (10.91% Wednesday) and in ICUs at 22.06% (21.58% Wednesday).

The autonomous communities have carried out 2,449,543 diagnostic tests, of which 1,197,521 have been PCR and 1,252,022 antigen tests, with an overall rate per 100,000 inhabitants of 5,208.89. Meanwhile, the positivity rate stands at 33.16%, up from 30.98% on Wednesday. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that this figure be below 5% to consider the spread of the virus as ‘controlled’.

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