They locate a teenager in Alaska who left her newborn baby abandoned in a box with a note that read: “Please help me!”

Authorities in Alaska located the teenager who after giving birth to her baby, she left him in a box with sheets in freezing conditions in Fairbanks last week.

The Alaska State Patrol reported Wednesday that they located the young woman on Tuesday, and she was transferred to an area hospital for evaluation and medical care.

“The mother is cooperating, and, at this time, her well-being and medical treatment is the priority,” Patrol spokesman Tim DeSpain told Anchorage Daily News.

At the moment, no charges have been brought against the girl, but the investigation continues.

Authorities reported that the minor, named Teshawn in a note that was left in the box, is in good health and under the care of the Office of Children’s Services. Investigators subjected the boy to DNA tests to locate his immediate family.

Agents were notified of a baby abandoned last Friday afternoon on the side of a highway when temperatures dropped to minus 12 degrees due to the effect of the winds in the area.

The woman who spotted the baby shared a video on social networks that included images of it in the box and the note.

“Please help me!” Read the written message. The note also indicated that he was born 12 weeks premature and that the parents and grandparents had no food.

Subsequently, the user removed or put the private content.

The baby was born the same day it was abandoned.

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