Univision without Jorge Ramos. The journalist has COVID and today they join in prayer so that it is not fatal

It was confirmed that Jorge Ramos has COVID and that it is also in quarantine. The Univision news man made it public through his social networks. The virus appears to have caught him off guard while on vacation in the Seychelles. Now, an earring from his wife, Chiquinquirá Delgado, is his most prized possession.

Through his digital platform, he explained his experience with these words: “Here so far you feel very vulnerable and fragile. There are so many things that do not depend on me. I had to let go of the control. It is a very different life to the one that for decades I got used to. An anguish hangs in the center of my chest that will not even go to sleep ”.

In the midst of this suffering from COVID, Jorge Ramos has been left alone, his family, not being positive, returned to Miami. His eldest daughter did not want to leave him alone, and stayed a few more days to take care of him. Regarding this, Chiquinquirá Delgado’s husband said: “My daughter Paola did not want to leave me alone and, in an incredible show of affection and solidarity, she stayed with me for a few days to take care of me.”

When seeing her leave, Jorge Ramos admits that he broke down in tears. “I love her and I admire her. When I grow up I want to be like her. Watching her wild hair go off in the car that took her to the airport, I started to cry like it hadn’t been for decades. For several minutes, uncontrollable, “said the famous Univision journalist.

The news has struck many of those who follow and admire him. Now not only his family prays for him, so that COVID is not fatal, but also his fans and loyal followers who hope this happens soon. May he endure and have the strength to recover.

Those who follow him yearn, hope, and pray for a full recovery. “Oh my God, God first and get well soon”, this is what many of his faithful followers have said.

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