Victim tattoo could help solve Arizona homicide

“Family,” reads the tattoo of an Arizona homicide victim.

Photo: Bullhead City Police Department / Courtesy

Arizona authorities believe a distinctive tattoo on a homicide victim, found lying on the side of a highway in that state, could help solve the mystery of who he was and who could have caused his premature death.

The Bullhead City Police Department released a photo showing a tattoo on the victim’s shoulder, where the word “Family” can be read.

The researchers mentioned that the tattoo could help identify the homicide victim, described as a white woman with brown hair, who was in her 20s and 30s at the time of her death.

This Thursday, the department announced that the victim had been identified through a “fingerprint analysis,” but no further information would be released until family members were notified.

So far, there are few details about what may have happened to the victim and who or who were responsible for the murder; Police said earlier this week that the cause of death would be revealed once the victim was identified, but have not commented on it.

The woman’s body was found last Sunday on Arroyo Vista Drive in Bullhead City., located along the Colorado River, about 90 miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bullhead City Police officers said anyone with information regarding this homicide should call 928-763-1999.

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