“We have Covid, shhh.” The message sent by a passenger on an airplane from her cell phone

The image was shared on Reddit by a user.

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With the number of Covid-19 infections at record levels, some people may experience some paranoia when meeting strangers in close quarters. What would you do if you found out that someone you share a flight with might be sick? This happened to a person who photographed the message sent by a passenger on a plane from her cell phone where it reads: “We have Covid, shhh”.

Identified as “Esporx” on Reddit, the user shared a photo she took during a flight of a passenger’s phone while writing a message on her cell phone. The photo shows a part of the text that she is writing while sitting on the plane seat: “We have Covid. Shhh. That is why we are returning home “, it is reached to read.

“Is this legal?” Asks the user of Reddit in the title of your post. Without receiving more details about the flight, the place or the woman who wrote the message, users of the popular internet forum were ready to comment on it. Many of them they think the woman wrote that text because she knew someone else was spying on her messages.

“She only wrote it because she knows the asshole behind her is reading her messages,” one noted. “The text seems suspiciously self-conscious,” wrote another. “Not only are you spying on a stranger’s phone, but you are also taking pictures of them“Observed a third.

“It is wrong to read other people’s text messages, but also people who KNOW they have Covid and don’t take precautions to keep other people safe”Added another. “Happens all the time. People don’t want to miss their flight, delay their trips home, go on vacation, and so on. It just assumes everyone has it and acts accordingly, ”another advised.

Users also shared their strategies to push someone away when they notice that they are spying on their messages. “My sister and I used to do something like that in the elevators. ‘So what did the doctor say?’ ‘Oh, it’s contagious, but only through sexual contact,’ ”one narrated. “On the subway once I clearly saw the girl next to me reading my text messages so i wrote something crazy just to get her away from me“Said another.

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