They leaked alleged new name and logo of the Washington Football Team in the NFL

Washington would have a fresh face starting in February.

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The internet leaks They are something that any project to be launched must take care of, but sometimes not even the greatest secrecy can prevent the information from coming to light. This would be what could have happened after this Sunday a Reddit user leaked what would be the new name and logo for the NFL’s Washington Football Team.

According to the newspaper DailySnark, a user of Reddit was in charge of filtering through images the presumed new logo that the franchise would carry, chosen from six possible candidates.

In the broadcast image, the design stamped on a black sweater can be seen and although all pointed to a revolutionary logo, the truth is that, if the emblem were true, it would be similar to the one they currently use with a W between the red and yellow colors characteristic of the franchise.

The design would be very similar to what they used in the last two seasons.

Another one of the ‘leaks’ was the name. According to what was known, there would be up to eight possible names to choose from and after ruling out continuing with the current one and the “WolvesW, due to trademark rights problems,” Commanders “would have been selected which is the name that appears in another of the photos that the Reddit user leaked.

“Commanders” would be the name chosen from eight options.

We will still have to wait for February 2nd to learn about the new logo and name that will be making life in the NFL for the 2022-2023 season.

For now, the restructuring of the team is on the right track with the hiring of a high-level quarterback like Taylor Heinicke, to the receiver Terry McLaurin and the defender Chase YoungAlthough he saw minutes this season, he suffered a leg injury on November 14 and missed the rest of the season.

The name change in the capital’s currency will come almost two years after the board of directors announced in July 2020 that they would renounce the Redskins name because some civil associations considered it offensive to Native Americans.

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