12-year-old Latino boy to start classes at the University of Arizona

The young man is currently studying at Skyline High School in Mesa, from which he will graduate next May.

Photo: Pew Nguyen / Pexels

In appearance Jimi “Monty” Hernández is like any other 12-year-old boy, He likes movies and video games, however, and despite suffering various medical problems, next August will start classes at Arizona State University (OUTFIT).

“I want to study biochemistry, I am very interested in studying the brain, maybe one day find a cure for autism,” Hernández told Efe.

The little boy is currently studying at Skyline High School in Mesa, from which he will graduate next May and has already been accepted as an ASU student.

The “Monty” studios

“Monty”, as his friends and family call him, started school in special education courses, but He only went to kindergarten for a week before being sent straight to first grade..

When he was in second grade, he was immediately promoted to third and then he was simultaneously promoted to fourth and fifth grade, finally being promoted to seventh grade. Last year he finished the tenth and eleventh grade.

Monty was accepted as a student at Arizona State University (ASU). (Photo: EFE / Family photo)

When he was only eight years old, his mother took him to have his coefficient evaluated and he received a coefficient of 145+, however, the psychologist told him that his score could have been higher, since the child did not answer some questions because “he bored ”.

A person of average intelligence receives a grade between 90 to 110, a gifted person is on the scale of 121-130.

Monty’s health

However, the child’s life has not been easy at all, despite his young age he has been diagnosed with autism, seizures and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), and he also has circulatory problems.

Another obstacle the family faces is that many college scholarships such as the federal FAFSA grant require the student to be at least 18 years old to be eligible, so the mother is contacting organizations and groups that give scholarships to gifted children.

“I wish schools were better prepared to help gifted children, sometimes they confuse this with behavior problems,” said Hernández.

The family opened a GoFundme platform account to pay for “Monty’s” tuition fees.

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