Betty White: death certificate reveals she suffered a stroke

Actress and comedian Betty White dies at the age of 99.

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Betty White He died on December 31, just a few weeks before he was a century old.

Jeff Witjas, her representative, was the one who confirmed the news through a statement saying goodbye to her: “I thought I would live forever. I will miss her terribly and also the animal world that she loved so much. I don’t think Betty was afraid of dying because she always wanted to be with her loving husband Allen Ludden, “she said.

So far it was not clear the cause of his death, but this has been revealed after the publication of the death certificate in media such as CNN.

The “The Golden Girls” star, whose legal name was Betty Marion White Ludden, He died at his home in the Brentwood area of ​​Los Angeles as a result of a cerebrovascular accident, more commonly known as a stroke, which he suffered six days before dying. The risk is increased by several factors, including advanced age.

Sources close to the media reported that after her stroke, the actress was “alert and lucid, and died peacefully while sleeping at home”.

It is also known that White was cremated and her remains were delivered last Friday, January 7, to Glenn Kaplan, the head of the comedian’s advanced medical care directive.

Initially, various assumptions had been made such as that Betty died from the side effects of the Covid vaccine booster, which she received on December 28.

“People say his death was related to receiving a booster shot three days earlier, but that is not true,” Witjas denied.

Many celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, with whom he starred in the comedy “The Proposal,” as well as prominent leaders such as President Joe Biden, Mel Brooks and Hillary Clinton, paid tribute to him after his death.

“He managed to get old a lot and, somehow, not old enough. We will miss you, Betty, “Reynolds wrote on his social media.

On the other hand, although he is no longer with us, Fathom’s theatrical event, “Betty White: 100 Years Young – A Birthday Celebration,” continues and will be screened in theaters across the country on January 17, which would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday.

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