Chayanne makes his fans melt with tenderness with just one sentence

Chayanne has always known how to delight his followers. And it is that the Puerto Rican has the necessary tools to make them sigh with just a short sentence.

The Puerto Rican-born singer and actor has published a photograph that it was taken while enjoying a day of skiing in some snowy and cold mountains, a climate quite far from the Puerto Rican tropics in which the beaches reign.

Wearing all the necessary implements to perform this sport, the artist wrote a message dedicated to his followers next to the image: “I don’t feel cold, because you warm my heart … #energiadelabuena ”said the Puerto Rican.

This phrase melted the hearts of more than one person, and they did not hesitate to fill it with comments and praise. There were also those who they commented “dad” jokingly, because Chayanne has been the eternal boyfriend of a whole generation in Latin America.

So far the publication has garnered more than 6,483 comments and I like more than 280,751, including those from Guaynaa, Lele Pons, Carolina Sandoval, Lucero, Alicia Machado and Francisca Lachapel.

These are some of the comments left by the interpreter of “Torero”, one of the most popular Latin songs in the world.

On Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on November 24, Chayanne shared a photograph with his father Quintino Figueroa and that generated hundreds of comments in which he was called father-in-law to the singer’s father.

My husband and my father-in-law. Happy Thanksgiving Day”, “Cute, beautiful with my father-in-law” and “The perfect man does exist” were some of the messages they left him on that occasion.

Likewise, Yuri and Lili Estefan commented on that photograph.

Yuri: “Greetings friend, beautiful photo.”

Lili Estefan: “I wish you a thousand more blessings. Happy Thanksgiving my dear Chayanne

Although Chayanne does not constantly publish on his Instagram account, when he does, many of his more than 6 million followers thank him a lot.

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