Elderly woman takes her cell phone to be repaired; He thought it was useless because he could not talk to his children in a year

In social networks Various stories told by technicians who repair mobile phones have become viral; from those that reveal a failure in a renowned cell phone to some that unmask the double lives of customers.

However, in the last few hours a story that has been taken up by different international media and that lived a technician who is dedicated to fixing cell phones in the so-called Plaza de la Tecnología in Mexico City, The same that shows us, once again, the abandonment in which some elderly people live.

According to this person, he used their services a long time ago. a 65-year-old woman named Aurora Hernández, who worried asked a tenant of this square to help him to repair your cell phone. When questioned what was wrong with her device, she answered the following: “It is that I have been a year, or more, that my children do not answer me. The mobile does not work, because, how can my children not talk to me? “

The man indicated that the repair would cost him about $ 67, money that the old woman could not afford. The technician from the store next door asked him to come closer because he had heard about his problem.

“What I want is to talk to my children,” the woman would have told him, which moved this new technician, who assured her that he would help her repair her phone and that for the cost she didn’t even worry, she just had to leave it to her. for a couple of days to fix it.

When the woman left The technician analyzed the cell phone and when he opened it he realized that it was in perfect condition. So He looked among Mrs. Aurora’s contacts for the telephone number of one of her sons, whom he decided to call immediately.

“Hello, nice to meet you. Is Aurora Hernández your mother? He brought me a cell phone to fix because it doesn’t work, but it does work. All he wants is to be able to talk to you, “he explained. “I don’t know if he can do that miracle for her. I give you my information and everything in case you want to come see her, “he added.

Finally, The technician achieved his task and the old woman returned to her premises to pick up her cell phone, accompanied by her son. The repairman told the woman a white lie, assuring her that her phone was, in effect, having “trouble receiving calls”; in addition to not charging you for the “repair.”

This moving story was picked up by a person who created a video with a recreation of it.

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