End of the world? Flock of birds terrorize people who were in a Walmart in Texas

Even if 2022 did not start in the way that maybe you were expecting or wishing (especially for pandemic issues), the truth is that you should never lose hope and always try to maintain a positive attitude in order to know how to face the challenges of day to day.

However, there are many people who are convinced that the end of the world is really near because It seems that the Covid will not give us truce, and to this we would have to add other situations, mostly related to nature and climate issues.

On this last point, in recent days it has caused a lot of sensation a video shared on TikTok and that is already circulating in other social networks, in which you can see a large flock of birds, as depicted in Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds.”

A person who was one day in the evening andn the parking lot of a Walmart in Houston, Texas, recorded the daunting scene when he was surprised by the large number of birds that landed on his car and those of other customers.

In the audio, the person who recorded the video is heard how it refers to what he is seeing in the movie Bird Box, while other users of the networks indicated that it could also be worthy of the famous Hitchcock tape.

The original video already has 18 million views and more than 140,000 comments, mostly indicating that it is really a “Dantesque” episode and typical of the arrival of the end of the world.

Flock of birds at Walmart in Texas is not a sign of the end of the world

Hans Gonzembach, who is an expert in the behavior of wild birds, indicated that what he saw in this Walmart in Texas it is not an omen of bad times or the possible arrival of some natural disaster.

In fact, Gonzembach explained that at this time of year this type of thing happens constantly as the birds are in the process of migration.

Several birds usually come to Texas from Canada, Oklahoma, Nebraska or Kansas while others can go north from South America or Mexico, seeking a slightly warmer climate.

Also, the reason why these types of scenes usually occur in supermarket parking lots is because the birds look for the garbage to be able to feed themselves, as well as trees and light poles to perch there and be able to rest.

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