“Gossip no like”: Chyno Miranda would be admitted to a hospital in Venezuela

The Venezuelan singer Chyno miranda you could be going through difficult times in your health, which would have it interned in a hospital in Venezuela.

According to program information “Chisme no like”, that they drive Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, the singer would be facing a health crisis, for which He would be admitted to a hospital in his native Venezuela.

Although the program does not specify what his condition would be, the versions that indicate that Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez, real name of Chyno miranda, is experiencing health problems.

Complicated times for Chyno Miranda

Chyno Miranda had a difficult 2020 after being infected with COVID-19, and suffering sequelae, but 2021 was not easy for him either, since in the second quarter of the year he announced his separation from the businesswoman Natasha Araos.

And it is that, while his health was recovering, his love life collapsed that ended in the artist’s separation with Natasha Araos.

The couple have a small son in common, named Lucca, whom they both love, however the singer and the businesswoman ended up separating.

Chyno Miranda left his social networks for four months

The interpreter of “My pretty girl” He withdrew from social networks for four months, time in which he separated from the businesswoman.

So far it is unknown in which hospital the Venezuelan singer would be admitted, who rose to fame by doing a duet with Nacho Mendoza.

The young people formed the famous duet Chyno and Nacho, who tasted the honeys of success, but then ended up separating.

Without a doubt, recent times for Chyno Miranda have not been easy, since after catching COVID-19 in 2020, he suffered sequelae that prevented him from moving on his own.

He was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and later suffered a aggressive encephalitis.

His last public presentation was last July at the Premios Juventud delivery, where he shared an emotional presentation with Nacho Mendoza, his former musical partner.

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