He accuses his father of having sexual abuse in revenge for having been unfaithful to his mother

It was in 2016 when a man from Colombia named Óscar Javier Garzón Cañón was sentenced to more than 25 years in prison after was found guilty of having committed the crime of sexual abuse, at that time, of his 14-year-old daughter.

What Garzón did not know is that he had been the victim of a terrible revenge.

Five years ago, Óscar’s teenage daughter appeared before the police to file a complaint against her father, accusing him of having committed “libidinal touching on her private parts” against her.

The young woman also affirmed that the abuses committed by the father against her began when she was just a child, which was confirmed by her younger brother.

These statements and other “evidence” collected in the investigation of the case led a judge to find Garzón guilty of the crime of abuse, condemning him to spend 308 months behind bars.

However, the case took an unexpected turn when later, the children of the accused retracted their statements, assuring that it was all part of a plan that both devised to take revenge on their father when they found out that he was being unfaithful to their mother.

Furthermore, the girl pointed out that also at that time, She was very upset with her dad because at that time she had a boyfriend who he wouldn’t let see him; In addition to putting severe rules on it to have that relationship.

The two boys, after their father was thrown in jail, saw that her mother was very depressed and her family finances had been affected, so they decided to tell her the truth.

When analyzing the case, the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia described the investigation carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office as “deficient”, since “it is not understood how they did not even attempt to carry out a psychological evaluation of the victim, in order to determine his mental state. , possible effects due to the events denounced, characteristics of his personality, etc. ”.

In addition, it is inexplicable that the Prosecutor’s Office, despite knowing that the minors would withdraw in the oral trial, “had not exhausted the due procedure to incorporate their previous versions into the trial, so that they could be assessed by the Judge.”

Therefore, the Court ordered the immediate release of Óscar, acquitted him of all charges and ordered the cancellation of the existing arrest warrants.

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