Monkeys steal 2-month-old baby in India and end up drowning

It was not the first time that the monkeys tried to steal the baby.

Photo: Nitin Dhumal / Pexels

Terrible tragedy that occurred in a home in the city of Baghpat, in India, where unfortunately a baby as young as 2 months died in a completely unusual way.

According to local media, the police reported that the baby named Keshav Kumar was sleeping together with his grandmother in a room that faced the terrace of the house. The woman left the door open, which it was taken advantage of by monkeys, who entered the bedroom and literally stole the little one.

When the grandmother woke up, she realized that the baby was missing. He immediately notified the parents and authorities to ask for help and find him. Unfortunately, hours later the police found his body.

In the investigation of the case, the security cameras in the area were reviewed, which showed that, indeed, the monkeys fled with the baby and ended up submerging him in a tank of water until he was drowned.

Keshav’s parents, identified as Prince and Komal, indicated that It was not the first time that the monkeys tried to take the baby, only that on other occasions they and other family members had prevented it.

“We didn’t expect them to come back in the dark. We have lost our child ”, lamented the parents.

Meanwhile, the residents of the area declared that they had already warned about the problems with the monkeys on several occasions, but did not receive any response from the authorities.

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