Piqué encourages Barcelona: “It hurts to lose against Real Madrid, but we are closer to winning”

Gerard Piqué highlighted the Barcelona improvement in El Clásico in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup despite the defeat in overtime against Real Madrid (2-3), a result that, he said, “hurts” after showing that are “closer to winning”.

It was a very entertaining match for the spectator, we competed very well, but in the end we did not win. It is not the result we expected. Losing against Real Madrid hurts, but we are closer to winning, we are competing and closer to turning it around“, He pointed out in Movistar.

Barcelona sought victory in extra time by taking risks that, he assured, took their toll: “It is very easy to talk with the game over, but I think that, given what we have seen, after drawing and going to extra time, playing with three behind against players of the quality of Vinicius, Rodrygo and Benzema, and competing as we have done, is to leave with your head high. We still need to win ”.

“The only but is that we have not won. At the game level we have been very good, we have taken a lot of risks. In the end they have won the semifinal in a against in which we have not been able to return. I am very proud of the team. Playing like this we are going to start winning and fighting for the titles ”, he added.

Despite the defeat, Piqué was left with the image that Barcelona left: “The team has arrived a bit caught with tweezers, with many players coming back from COVID and long injuries. Despite this, the team has played at a very high level and everyone has shown a very good level. They are all positive things, except that we have not won and we go home without a competition that we wanted ”.

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