Robbie Williams spends a fortune not to go bald

Williams bought this property in 2009 for $ 11 million

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In 2013, while still living in Los Angeles, Robbie Williams was carried away by vanity and had hair grafts that he didn’t really need, but things started to change dramatically in 2020. when he realized that his toupee was no longer as leafy as before.

The British singer recently shaved his head with the help of his wife and now he has revealed that he did so in large part because baldness has begun to win the battle.

“I am losing my hair. Every time I get the light from above, it looks like a baby’s bottom. I went to have a new transplant, but they told me: ‘Bad news, your hair is so fine that we cannot remove the grafts from there. It wouldn’t do any good, ‘”he explained in a statement to The Sun newspaper.

At first, the old component of Take That refused to throw in the towel, shelling out “a small fortune” for two vials of injections that were supposed to go to help you regain volume and capillary density.

“They cost the same as my grandmother’s house. They pricked me some blisters and told me that in five months my hair would start to grow much thicker. It has not taken effect. It’s been seven months now and nothing has happened. It is not noticeable ”, he lamented.

The 47-year-old artist tries to cope with dignity, but finds it very hard to do so when his music career constantly reminds him that he has grown up.

“I’m on stage, with a 12-meter screen behind me, doing my thing, dancing and trying to be sexy, and suddenly I turn and see behind me a man with a double chin and no hair“, Has lamented.

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