Anuel showed the bright clothes that his new conquest wears and the fans tell him that they prefer Karol G

Anuel knows how to attract attention and this time he has done it with Yailin, the woman with whom the singer is presumed to have a romantic relationship because they have been seen on occasions sharing together.

On this occasion, the singer and ex-boyfriend of Karol G posted a video on his Instagram stories where Yailin shows off the sparkling jewels on her neck and the watch she wears.

“Here the whole world is at least 100 thousand on top”, wrote the urban music singer in one of the stories he has shared.

Yailin, the woman who shows off the jewelry on this occasion, is an urban music singer born in the Dominican Republic. In social networks she is also known for her sensual dances, because before dedicating herself to music she was a dancer. On her Instagram account she has more than 409,000 followers and constantly shows off her curves and attributes with hot photos. that cause a sensation, living up to its nickname of “the most viral”.

Among the comments that have left her, those that remind Karol G stand out: “Uyyyy nooooo I think I’ll stay with Karol“, “Thank God Karol left there” and “After he got tired of crying to Karol G so that they would come back, he finally gave up”, are some of them.

Anuel constantly shows and shows off the brilliant jewels he owns, without any problem, and on social networks they do not forgive him and tell him that he who boasts a lot lacks something.

A few days ago he showed a ring covered in diamonds in which a silhouette of himself stands out in the center of the jewel. “This second new part of the album is going to be HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!! 👹🏆 I SWEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!!!”, was what he wrote at that time next to the post where he showed off his garment.

Also, at Christmas The singer was harshly criticized for the gift he gave his little son. A watch with a lot of shiny stones was the gift he gave her and much criticism rained down on him.

“The Kid doesn’t want that! El Niño wants quality time with daddy!”

“And the sad boy… because he wanted a toy”

“What vanity!!!!! The reflection of what he lacks.”

“Poor daddy all he has is money”

“Seriously being able to give him time, love and memories for when he grows up, tremendous ridiculous”

“But I bet you don’t spend a quality minute with him. Ironic”.

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