Broadway: Two other New York plays announce their closure due to the wave of covid-19

Two outstanding theater productions, “To Kill a Mockingbird ”and“ Girl From the North Country ”were added to the list of Broadway plays this Wednesday that since the beginning of last December have announced a temporary or premature closure as a result of the coronavirus surge.

The popular “To Kill a Mockingbird”, an adaptation by Aaron Sorking of the Harper Lee novel, announced that it will close next Sunday and that the curtain will not rise again until June 1, something that it will do in a more theater. small, the Belasco Theater, with a capacity for 1,016 spectators, compared to 1,500 at the current Shubert Theater.

To Kill a Mockingbird ”has been one of the most successful plays in the theater mecca in recent years, after premiering on November 1, 2018 with actor Jeff Daniels in the title role and backed by rave reviews.

Also this Wednesday the Bob Dylan musical “Girl From the North Country” announced that his last show will be on January 23, with the possibility of returning this spring, although without offering any guarantees.

The two hasty closings come a day after poor sales figures were posted on Broadway in the first week of the year, down 31% to $ 18 million from $ 26 million the previous week.

The numbers also revealed that the 27 Broadway productions only attended about 157,000 viewers, so that about 40% of the seats were left empty.

These two works are in addition to other outstanding shows such as “Mrs. Doubtfire ”, which just over a week ago announced a 9-week closure, a measure that the production said it had to take to avoid a definitive cancellation of the work.

The current wave of coronavirus infections has also caused the premature closure of works such as “Ain’t Too Proud”, “Thoughts of a Colored Man”, “Jagged Little Pill” or “The Waitress”, as well as temporary suspensions of “The Music Man “starring Hugh Jackman,” Hamilton “and” The Lion King. ”

Theaters will ask for compulsory vaccination for children between 5 and 11 years old

The Broadway theaters of New York, or also known as “The Broadway League”, an organization that brings together more than 40 of its theaters, announced this Monday that the mandatory nature of the vaccine to be able to attend any of its shows will be applied also to children between 5 and 11 years from next January 29.

And as they already did with the rest of the adults and adolescents, Broadway theaters will require that at least 14 days have passed since the second dose of the vaccine to attend the shows

The Broadway theaters of New York also announced that the current measures imposed by the coronavirus, which in addition to mandatory vaccines requires the use of masks at all times, will be extended until April 30.

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