Carolina Sandoval wastes sensuality and fun in a tight bodysuit while bathing in front of her followers

CarolinSandoval conquers his followers with his daring adventures that he does not hesitate to share.r on his Instagram account, a social network in which he is close to having three million followers. On this occasion, “La Venenosa” brought out his most sensual and fun side by taking a shower in front of the camera and sharing anecdotes with his most intimate friends on social networks.

The Venezuelan, wearing a tight bodysuit, got under the shower to wash her red hair for the first time since she dyed it. Since officially joining the redhead club, As she herself had said, she did not get her hair wet for fear that the dye would fall off and lose its color. During that time he opted to use a dry shampoo, he explained.

To wash her hair, she used the products of her friend and a fashion and beauty specialist. Jomari Goyso, who recently decided to keep his opinion on some boots that Francisca Lachapel wore in Despierta América.

“I must confess something to you, after this covid that entered my body I have not wanted to wash my hair because I do not know what will happen and I’m going to wash my hair with Jomari products … Tell me if I fill all of red“Said the Venezuelan and thanked Jomari Goyso for having sent her special products for her colored hair.

After the greeting Carolina Sandoval released her bow and got under the shower to get wet. With his fun and daring personality, “The poison” shared the shower with his followers on Instagram.

“I panic,” she said about losing the red color of her hair. “Oh sir, Christ, I’m fading: this is very strong,” he said as he slipped away and saw how the dye was gone with the water.

Also, in the post he wrote: “It is more tell me that it is not delicious to bathe complete with hair and everythingIt’s like you won the lottery and even more so if you know that water is life ”.

This fun and sensual show by Sandoval earned him a few good comments by showing part of everyday life, a fact that undoubtedly characterizes it.

“Your naturalness is the best”

“I love your swimsuit”

“I love your videos”

“Linda Carolina. It entertains me “

Carolina Sandoval has just overcome a covid contagion. She was the one who was in charge of breaking the news to her followers when he found out it was positive.

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