COVID in Jalisco: Private laboratories carry out most of the tests

Although the state government claims it has sufficient COVID tests, private laboratories currently carry out eight out of ten tests to confirm or rule out infections. According to the database published by the Jalisco Ministry of Health, private analysis centers have carried out one million 445 thousand 349 tests from April 2020 to January 12, that figure far exceeds what has been done in federal, state and federal laboratories. from the University of Guadalajara.

Dr. Carlos Alonso Reynoso, a specialist in epidemiology and public health, stated that Health authorities have failed to guarantee that all people with suspected contagion can access a test.

“The authorities are not responding in proportion to what is happening, it is understandable that given the high demand, tests cannot be carried out on all those who demand them, but the supply that exists is totally insufficient,” he commented.

He questioned that officials such as the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Gatell, and the director of the IMSS, Zoe Robledo, have called not to seek a test if there are no serious symptoms; He stressed that this generates underreporting due to infections that are not confirmed. He considered that the authorities should regulate the cost of the tests to avoid abuses.

With the current spike in infections, the lines of people waiting to get tested outside private laboratories have returned. The costs of a PCR test range from 950 to 4,300 pesos, according to the laboratory. The delivery of results on average is 72 hours.

About the topic, the state governor denied supply shortages to carry out tests in the Radar Jalisco system. He argued that the long waiting times and the delay in scheduling an appointment are due to “logistical issues”, such as the lack of personnel who have been absent after being infected.

“There is no lack of evidence, we have enough evidence, obviously there is pressure and there are more people requesting evidence. We have seen some saturated private laboratories, we understand that the pressure has increased and we are trying to increase our operating capacity. It is also a personnel problem, because we have many infected and that has also complicated the operation”, he explained.



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