COVID: There are also delays in appointments for rapid tests in pharmacies in the Metropolis

Given the recent rise in COVID-19 infections, not only in the state system are people interested in getting tested for the virus they must wait hours, and even days, to make an appointment or to be able to apply it, also in the various pharmacies of the metropolis that have the service there is a delay for it.

An example is the pharmacies with the trade name Comercializadora Farmacéutica De Chiapas SA De CV, which in Jalisco have carried out virus detection tests using antigens since 2020.

To go for a test at one of its 17 authorized branches, people must make an appointment on its website, however, in most of them you have to wait at least two days to schedule.

For example, if the platform is accessed today in at least 11 of its branches There is only availability until next Saturday 15th or Monday 17th of January.

In the pharmacy with the name Farmacias Guadalajara SA de CV, the doctors on duty distribute tokens to be able to carry out the antigen test in an orderly manner and without crowds, however interested persons must arrive early in order to catch a shiftOtherwise, they must return the next day to repeat the procedure.

According to one of the doctors in these types of establishments, what is happening is that there are currently very few COVID-19 detection tests in the private system, which is why they have set aside a certain number of daily tests to be able to deal with the fourth wave of cases, until suppliers, mostly from the United States, return to producing and shipping tests at the rate of the second wave of infections recorded between December 2020 and February 2021.

Yesterday this media outlet announced that in the free COVID-19 testing module of the Zapopan Centro Station, which is part of the Radar Jalisco strategy, there were people who, when they went one day and did not obtain a record for the intake, they had to return in days after forming from before 7:00 a.m. to get a turn.

Meanwhile, to access a test in one of the Cruz Verde modules in Guadalajara and Tlajomulco, you must make an appointment on line 3338-233220, which, due to demand, has been saturated in recent days.

Although it is not a pharmacy, the Salud Digna laboratory, where it is also possible to apply a rapid COVID detection test, also shows appointment saturation.

For example, at its Américas, San Juan, Tetlán and Zapopan Centro branches, as of today, Thursday, there are no more appointments available nor have more days of the month been enabled for scheduling, while at its bypass branch, until the closing of this note, there was only availability next Sunday.



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